Next Friday: ACE hosts a Panel on Stimulating and Sustaining Creativity in NYC

How can crisis be turned into an opportunity for the arts?

Event Date: Friday, February 25, 2011

Event Time: 6-7 pm panel, 7-8 pm reception

Event Location: The Barney Building, 34 Stuyvesant Street

New York University Steinhardt’s arts advocacy group, Advocates for Cultural Engagement (ACE), in partnership with the NYU Steinhardt Visual Arts Administration program, presents Making Space for the Arts: Reflections on the Center for an Urban Future’s 2010 report Time to Be Creative.

For decades, New York City has been the center of artistic activity in America and the world, and the city has been defined and immeasurably enriched by its vibrant cultural sector. Today, this distinction is threatened as a dearth of low-cost real estate and part-time jobs sends artists packing for more affordable and supportive environments.  At a PEN American Center event last spring, quintessential New York artist Patti Smith said, “New York has closed itself off to the young and struggling… New York City has been taken away from you.”

The recent release of the Center for an Urban Future’s report Time to Be Creative provides the backdrop for this panel on promoting creativity in the urban environment. Time to Be Creative author Jonathan Bowles argues that the sharp downturn in New York City’s real estate market presents a unique opportunity for the creative sector to reignite and diversify the city’s economy. Bowles contends that creativity and design are “arguably the city’s greatest competitive advantage.”

The report’s 17 recommendations for taking advantage of the downturn will provide the starting point for a discussion on the present situation faced by the city’s artists, arts groups and creative entrepreneurs. The panelists will provide historical context, personal experiences, and suggestions for what can be done to maintain the relevance and health of the city’s arts sector in the future.


Jonathan Bowles – Director, the Center for an Urban Future; Author, Time to Be Creative

Paul Nagle – Executive Director, the Institute for Culture in the Service of Community Sustainability at Demos

Naomi Hersson-Ringskog – Executive Director, No Longer Empty


Madeleine LeMieux – Graduate student, NYU Steinhardt Visual Arts Administration program; Founding member and president of Advocates for Cultural Engagement; Development and Communications Assistant at Groundswell Community Mural Project

About the presenter: The mission of Advocates for Cultural Engagement (ACE) is to create awareness of arts and cultural issues at the local, state and national levels. To achieve this goal, ACE encourages action within the NYU community, collaborates with other student groups and appeals to government representatives.

This event is free and open to the public. For more information on the event or to get involved, email ACE at, or follow ACE on Facebook at


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