Art and Football team up

A rendering of the new Cowboys Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys Art Program

The Dallas Cowboys recently announced that their newly completed $1.5 billion Cowboys Stadium will be home to a contemporary art project called the Dallas Cowboys Art Program.  The press release announcing the project called it ““an ongoing initiative to commission contemporary artists to create monumental, site-specific installations.”

Artworks will be placed the entry ramps, staircases, pedestrian ramps, concession stands and other prominent areas in the stadium.  The first program will include the work of Franz Ackermann, Ricci Albenda, Mel Bochner, Daniel Buren, Olafur Eliasson, Teresita Fernandez, Terry Haggerty, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Jim Isermann, Annette Lawrence, Dave Muller, Matthew Ritchie, Gary Simmons, and Lawrence Weiner.

According to the website Bad at Sports, the program will be entirely funded by Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones and his wife Gene, who are both prominent contemporary art collectors.

I’ll leave you with a statement from Jerry Jones from the Fort Worth Weekly:

“From top to bottom, we’re taking a whole new approach to what a national sports arena can be.  Cowboys Stadium isn’t just a place to go and see a game or a concert. It’s an experience you share with your family and your community. That will include things that a lot of people wouldn’t anticipate seeing at a stadium — like contemporary art. Football is full of the unexpected and the spontaneous — it can make two strangers into friends. Art has the power to do that too, to get people talking, and looking, and interacting. It’s not just about what you see on the field or on the wall. It’s about creating exciting experiences.  We’re breathing new life into a tradition that extends back to the Greeks and Romans, who integrated the art of their time in stadiums where the best athletes gathered to compete. The Art Program at Cowboys Stadium brings this dialogue between art and sport into the modern day. We’re making it possible for some of the world’s leading contemporary artists to create work on a scale unimaginable anywhere else and we’re connecting new audiences with their work.”


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