Censorship at the National Portrait Gallery?

Annie Leibovitz's "Ellen DeGeneres in Kauai, Hawaii" from Hide/Seek

Blake Gopnik of The Washington Post wrote a compelling and personal argument against censorship after the National Portrait Gallery decided to remove a video by David Wojnarowicz, a gay artist who died from AIDS-related illness in 1992, from its exhibition Hide/Seek.

This was after pressure from the Catholic League and other conservative groups, which took issue with an 11-second section of the video in which a crucifix appears onscreen with ants crawling on it.

Gopnik writes, “In America no one group – and certainly no single religion – gets to declare what the rest of us should see and hear and think about. Aren’t those kinds of declarations just what extremist imams get up to, in countries with less freedom?”

Gopnik goes on to assert that “This fuss is about the larger topic of the show: Gay love, and images of it.”

Read more here at the Post.


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