Tim Gunn encourages designers to visit museums

Tim Gunn is best known as co-host of Lifetime TV’s “Project Runway.”  After he delivered the keynote address at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum’s Teen Design Fair, Megan Gambino interviewed him for the Smithsonian Magazine.
In the interview Gunn talks about design as a problem solving skill and a barometer of change in society.  He also advocated for the need for designers to visit museums, saying,
“First of all, it’s inspiration. Secondly, it gives you a broader view of your place in the world. When I was last at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, just seeing the new installation of the Fort McHenry flag was just absolutely awe-inspiring. I thought, what a great point of departure for a whole fashion project. I’m always saying to my students you need to know the national and international news, even the local news. You need to know what movies people are going to see. You need to know what books they are reading and downloading, what music they are listening to, what music videos they are seeing. Read everything, and look at everything. Then use your own filter to edit out what’s either relevant to you or not relevant to you. Have these things as part of your being, part of your everyday navigation of the world.”

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