Reality TV show ‘Work of Art’ to air for second season

Can a reality TV show about struggling artists advocate effectively for the value of the arts?  Will it expose millions of Americans to art and creativity?  Or will it just confirm long-standing cliches about the art world and serve up juicy interpersonal drama like Bravo’s other hits ‘Next Top Model’ and ‘Real Housewives’?  Since Bravo renewed the reality TV show ‘Work of Art: The Next Great Artist‘ I guess we have another year to find out.

Read Christopher Knight’s review of ‘Work of Art’ here at the Los Angeles Times Culture Monster blog.  Here’s an excerpt:

“Can a television series jump the shark in the first episode? Bravo’s new, awkwardly titled reality-contest show ‘Work of Art: The Next Great Artist,’ which debuts Wednesday at 11 p.m., doesn’t merely argue in the affirmative. The plot also gives new meaning to avant-garde, spinning off its axis before getting to the 10-minute mark.”

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